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Marshal Eviction Service NYC

Dealing with stubborn and problematic tenants is never easy, especially if it compromises the safety and integrity of your building and office. To solve that, you need to avail Marshal Eviction Service, and we can assist you with that.

We have licensed and bonded technicians who can quickly address your concerns with broken locks, lost keys, malfunctioning access controls, and more. Our mobile van is 24 hours, 7 days a week accessible via phone call.

As one of the trusted locally operated and owned locksmiths in New York, we never fail to make your eviction or legal possession hassle-free and guaranteed.

What does it mean when an eviction is filed?

Marshal Eviction is a legal process of removing your problematic tenant from your apartment, building, or office. To get a Warrant of Eviction for your tenant, you need to file a petition for removal in a court hearing where the tenant is present.

If the court approves your petition, then the City Marshal will secure a Notice of Eviction to be personally handed to the tenant at their place. After, you will need to wait for three business days before implementing the eviction.

Marshal Eviction Service NYC

Reputable Local Locksmith in New York

Finding a credible local locksmith in New York City is daunting, yet you can still do that by asking for referrals or browsing online. However, you can save time when you lean on us Village Locksmith & Doors.

We combine our extensive experience and continued training to ensure the premier quality of our works. No matter what days of the week, we always do immediate response for all emergencies and appointments.

Also, we will give you the best price guarantee for all locksmithing solutions you need in New York. Quickly make a short call anytime.

Our Services

We provide flexible solutions for our 24-hour emergency locksmith services in New York and its surrounding areas. Considering all of our locksmiths are duly licensed, trained, and bonded, we are confident of consistently exceeding your expectations.

Also, we do a quick response around the clock for all lock and key requirements of the locals. If you need our expertise for lock repairs, change, or rekeying, then contact us anytime.

Village locksmith
Village locksmith

Secure Your Homes With Credible Technicians

A better and cost-efficient way of enhancing the security of your homes in New York City will be availing of residential locksmith services. With that, Village Locksmith & Doors routinely offers an affordable locksmith price range that fits any budget.

Our experienced and reliable locksmiths can seamlessly handle a variety of tasks such as lockouts, deadbolt installation, rekeying, installing Master key systems, and more. You can freely talk and ask for advice from our team of professionals by calling our hotline.

Marshal Eviction Service NYC

There is an increasing incidence of break-ins and lockouts in most stores, clinics, schools, and offices in New York. However, you can avoid these things when you avail of commercial locksmith services.

We are one of the authorities when it comes to office lockouts, Master key systems, high-security locks, and more. Our mobile shop is just one call away, and all services are being performed at the customer’s location.

With our solid experience and annual workshops, all locksmith work guaranteed. Together, we can enhance the security of your building and workplace with our well-trained technicians and top-quality supplies.

24/7 Car Lock and Key Solutions

Besides your stores and residences, your vehicle and motorcycle also deserve quality auto locksmith services from professionals like us. For many years, we handled various concerns from the locals, such as car key duplications, key placements, reprogramming transponders, fixing key fobs, and installing VATS.

We take pride in always exceeding the expectations of our customers and in always committing to our 15 minutes response time. Whether it’s early in the morning or in the middle of the night, our mobile van will be there at your spot in 15 to 25 minutes.

What Happens During a Sheriff or Marshall Eviction?

During the eviction, the City Marshal or Sheriff will come to the place of the tenant and then knock on the door. After, they will introduce themselves and talk about the purpose of their visit.

After that, the officer will secure and move the belongings of the tenant to a private warehouse for safekeeping.

Are Landlords Required to Change Locks or Have them Re-Keyed after an Eviction?

Yes, you as the landlord have the authority to take control of your property after doing the eviction. With that, you can either rekey the existing lock cylinders or change the entire door and padlocks.

Likewise, to ensure the accuracy of work, hiring our professionals is a wise choice. We will install the best door lock type for your premises.

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At Village Locksmith & Doors, we continually offer a wide range of cost-efficient security solutions for the enhanced protection of your premises. For free quotes and advice, call us anytime.

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